2018 back to basics

This blog is titled “Uvita runs” because it’s supposed to document my adventures in the sport of long distance running. For the past few months, the title has not been accurate. In fact, the title is almost the opposite of what I’ve actually been doing. I should rename the blog to “Uvita gets injured.”

Rock n Roll Los Angeles Strategy

With less than 72 hours left to go before my next half, it’s time to try something new and strategize. For all my previous races, the extent of my strategizing has been to read the info email and figure out where and where to stand. Once the gun goes off, I follow the rest of the runners and listen to my body for when I need to hydrate, refuel or make a quick toilet stop.

Four weeks out

I have four weeks until Yosemite. I didn’t realize that it was so close until I got an email from the race organizer with race information.


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