2019 Goals

Good goals should be realistic, measurable, and with a timeline. This page outlines my fitness goals for the first half of 2019 (roughly) categorized by sport. I will update their status as I meet them. Hopefully, having these goals written out to the world will help me stay focused and motivated.

The first half of 2019 was focused on getting back to running long distances after almost a year off. I’ve revisited my goals and updated them for the rest of year. The update post can be found here.


check_box_outline_blank Reach 20 MPW - I am now starting to add a “long” 5 mile run every week. I think I will be able to reach this by the end of the year.

check_box_outline_blank 27:00 5k - I’m very close. My last 5k had a time of 27:44. My next 5k is in July, I hope to see some good progress towards this goal.

check_box_outline_blank Complete a 10k - I need to pick a race a few months out and prepare for it.

check_box_outline_blank Half marathon? - This is a stretch goal. I think it might be doable, but I have to reach 20 MPW and maintain it for at least a month before I can move on to a proper half marathon plan.


Rope climbing will continue to be my main focus in climbing. I will not set any bouldering goals so I don’t feel pressured to boulder unless I’m comfortable. That may change as my skills and confidence increases over time. For now, I’m all about the ropes.

check_box_outline_blank Get lead certified - I plan to take a lead climbing class in mid July. After that I have to practice and take the test.

check_box_outline_blank Lead a 5.10a route - leading is way scarier than top roping, so I have to start at an easier grade.

check_box_outline_blank Consistently send 5.11a - I’ve sent a handful of 5.11a, but they are always a struggle. I know this goal is very reachable, it will just take time and practice.


Climbing has replaced lifting as one of the two “main” sports I focus on. I now view lifting as complementary to both running and climbing. This is why I’ve moved lifting as the third category for the goals. I am keeping the same goals I had at the beginning of the year. The key will be consistency.

check_box_outline_blank Squat 135lbs

checkbox Deadlift 135lbs

check_box_outline_blank Bench 100lbs


  • 1/29/2019 - checked off C25k.
  • 1/5/2019 - added page with June goals.
  • 6/15/2019 - updated goals for end of year (post).

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