2019 mid year check in

I can’t believe half of 2019 has passed by already. It has been a learning year for me so far with lots of good progress. At the beginning of the year, I added a (2019 goals)[] page to the site which included a June goals page. In that page I said I would visit the year goals in June and assess my progress. This is that assessment.

June Goals

Looking back at my goals: some were quite lofty and some were achievable.


check_box Complete C25k - I finished the program at the end of January and have continued to run since.

check_box Complete a 5k - This year I’ve run 3 5ks. I haven’t written a blog post about them yet. The races I ran were the Tustin Hangar 5k in March (28:49), an informal 5k at work (28:33), and the Rock it Aliso Wood & Canyons 5k (27:44). The next 5k on my schedule is the El Toro Chargerts 5k on July 4th.

check_box_outline_blank Reach 20 MPW (following the 10% rule) - When I set this goal, it seemed completely attainable, but as I was ramping up my mileage I decided to err on the side of caution and increase very slowly. The original plan was to increase mileage by 10% every week. Instead I decided to increase up to 12 MPW (3 miles 4 times a week) and hold that mileage for a month before increasing again. My weekly mileage for the last 5 weeks has been 13.67, 13.11, 14.13, 11.33, and 14.04. Not quite to 20 MPW.


I really enjoy weightlifting and I always struggle with keeping a consistent routine. This year has been no exception. When I get busy or tired, weightlifting is the first thing that I drop from the schedule. My goals for the first half of the year were quite lofty in retrospect. I will keep them for now and reassess in a few months. The only goal that I met was the 135 lb deadlift which happened by accident.

check_box_outline_blank Squat 135lbs - my record this year was 105 lbs.

check_box Deadlift 135 lbs - My gym got a new set of 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb plates that all look the same. I mistook the 45lb plates for the 35lb plates and discovered that I can deadlift with them on the bar.

check_box_outline_blank Bench 100lbs - my record this year is 90 lbs


I’ve made significant progress in climbing. I started bouldering again (although very cautiously). On the top rope side of things,

check_box Flash a 5.10c route - I flashed a 5.11a route in mid June.

check_box Attempt a 5.10d route - I regularly climb 5.10d routes now; I don’t climb them as smoothly as I should, but I can complete them.

December Goals

I want to keep working and improving for the rest of the year. The updated goals can be found on the 2019 goals page.

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