2018 back to basics

This blog is titled “Uvita runs” because it’s supposed to document my adventures in the sport of long distance running. For the past few months, the title has not been accurate. In fact, the title is almost the opposite of what I’ve actually been doing. I should rename the blog to “Uvita gets injured.”

Three weeks before my last half, I felt some nagging soreness on my right Achilles. Since I was hit with a bad case of race fever, I foolishly decided to continue to train with added calf stretches before runs, and ice sessions after runs. I eventually completed the half running on adrenaline. The day after the race I scheduled an appointment with a physical therapist. I was diagnosed with early tendonitis and taken off running for 6 weeks.

During this rehab period, I found an outlet for my energy in indoor rock climbing. I am afraid of heights, so rock climbing has been a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Although I had tried to climb last year and had not enjoyed it, I found a new enjoyment when I went with experienced friends. I got my own shoes and harness and started going twice a week. I was making progress, I climbed a couple v2 bouldering problems, and flashed my first 5.10b top rope route.

December was looking good; I managed to run 2 miles with no Achilles pain, and I was improving my rock climbing. On December 27th, I attempted a v2 climb I had attempted during previous sessions. I had never made it past the third move on this problem. This time however, I made it to the top. I just needed to move my left foot to the last hold and touch the top of the wall to send the problem. I tried it once, but the last foothold seemed a bit slippery so I climbed down. I sat down on a bench to rest and talked myself into facing my fears. I went for the foothold the next time and reached for the top of the wall. For a brief moment I thought I was going to make it. Then I realized that my balance was off. Before I could do anything I was falling off the wall and had no time to set my legs for a proper landing. I landed off balance and and heard a crunch in my left ankle. Just thinking about the sound gives me chills. I’ll leave the details out, but on my way to the ER I already knew my ankle was broken.


Fast forward a week, and I’ve undergone surgery to fix a fractured medial malleolus. I’m currently on the couch elevating my leg and under the influence of pain meds. My orthopedist estimates the recovery to take 3 months. I feel a lot better. The first few days were brutal; I was in pain and could not look past the fact that I was being forced to take time off. Now the pain is better and my outlook is positive. All credit for my improvement goes to the support of my boyfriend and family.

I’m itching to get out and be active but I know I have to take it slow. So this year, I’m starting over. I do not have any races on my calendar; I don’t want to get race fever and push too hard. I’m going back to basics. I have concrete, measurable goals for this year but for now my focus is on recovery.

Here’s to a great 2018!

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