Yosemite Half 2017

It’s been a week since I ran the Yosemite Half Marathon. This post is a race report and review of the race.

  • Complete the race in 2:30:00 - complete, actual time was 2:11:04!
  • Complete the race without walking - complete!
  • I followed Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 program. Since I started training earlier, I was able to add two weeks (not including the taper week to the training). Before the race, my longest run was 11 miles. I was supposed to run 12, but I felt too lazy.
  • Along side my running, I’ve been following a modified version of the lifting program 5x5. As the long runs increased, I reduced the lifting sessions to two times a week.
The Course

The race course does not go through Yosemite proper, instead the course is set just outside the park near Bass Lake. The reasons for the course not going through the park are explained in this post by the organizer. Despite it not being inside the park, the course is scenic. Every hundred yards or so, I wanted to stop and take a quick picture with my phone. View from the Mile 7 aid stop at the Yosemite Half

The race was very well organized. Every mile was marked and there were plenty of aid stations. Every aid station had at least two porta-potties.

Elevation wise, the course was perfect for a PR. The first 3 miles have a few small hills averaging on flat. The next 7 miles are almost all downhill. The descent combined with the beautiful scenery made the miles fly by. The last 3 miles of the race are flat alongside Bass Lake. After running downhill for 7 miles, the flat road felt like a hill.

I think this race is very beginner friendly because it is well organized and the course is forgiving.

Lessons Learned
  1. Prepare everything you will need for race day the night before and leave it in an accessible spot. I forgot my planned race day breakfast because I did not leave it by my running bag. Prepared gear for the race

  2. Fueling before the race is very important. Looking back at my first half, I did not do anything special nutrition wise the week leading up to the race. This time around, I made sure to increase my overall carb intake two days before the race. I also set myself the goal of actively staying hydrated. As a result, I felt energized and fresh during the first 10 miles of the race.

Future plans
  1. I’m planning on switching gears and testing how much I can improve my 5k time. My PR since college is 27 minutes, I want to see how close I can get it to 21.

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