Week 9

I started off on the right foot, wearing my new kicks (goodbye old Gators), and running Tuesday’s 5 mile run at 11:00 min/mile. That’s way faster than my usual pace. Wednesday I went out for a 10 mile bike ride and I pushed myself to 14.2 mph. I figured the Week 9 10k would require some speed.

Thursday was another easy 5 miler, or so I thought. It was horrible! My legs felt tired, my heart felt tired, heck even my biceps were tired for some reason. After the run while I was chilling on the couch, I realized that my throat was sore. Nooooo! Two freakin’ days before the 10k!

Talking hurts, but I think I can still race tomorrow. I’ve been drinking water all day trying to speed up my recovery. I was shooting for a sub 60 minute 10k (slow, but faster than my usual training place); now my plan is to stick to my training pace (12:00 min/mile), finish the 10k, claim my t-shirt and go home.

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