Week 8: Check in

Week 8 has been a rollercoaster.

I confess that I did not work out on Monday. I regret it 100%; my knees reminded me why strength work is important during Thursday’s run.

Tuesday’s 4.5 mile run was bad. I felt out of breath, even while keeping my heart rate at 155bpm! My legs also felt very tired. I had to do an extra long foam rolling session after.

I went on a 9 mile bike ride for the cross train session on Wednesday. It was a very windy day,

Thursday’s 4.5 mile run was the complete opposite of its counterpart on Tuesday. I had an extra bounce in my step and my legs felt fresh. I pushed my pace to 11:22 min/mile; almost a 40 second difference from Tuesday’s run. The last half mile was though on my knees, though. I plan on doing some lunges, step ups, and squats tomorrow to make up for my missed Monday stretch and strengthen session.

Tomorrow is also Bike To Work Day for my office, I’m looking forward to participating. I still can’t believe that Week 8 is almost complete. It’s really happening!

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