Week 5, Day 5: 6 miles

This is the farthest I’ve run since my high school days. Holy shitsnacks. I’m exhausted, hungry, and somehow relaxed. First 6 miler complete!

It was a hot day with very weak clouds in the distance, so I decided to bring my trusty hat with me on my run. It was a great decision. However, I did not realize that I was wearing black shorts with a black shirt and a black knee brace until mile 4. So I was 1 for 2 in the good decision department.

The run went very well. I was nervous last night because the longest distance I had run in the past 10 years was 5 miles. I kept the pace slow (12 min/mile), but consistent. That is until the last half mile or so. It happens every time, I get antsy and begin to speed up a bit. The pace for the last mile was roughly 30 seconds faster. I’m ok with speeding up towards the end, but I got to make sure to keep my form in check for the sake of my knees. Today, the only real knee pain came with a quarter of a mile left in the run.

I did stop twice during the run. The first time was to take in the amazing view (and snap a picture, of course). The trail I run on follows a creek that leads to a marsh. The second time was on mile 5, I saw a drinking fountain on the side of the trail, so I stopped to get some H20.

Beautiful day for a run

It’s weird to know that in about a month and a half I will have doubled this run. I got a long way to go.

Did I mention I am hungry? I’m sure I could eat a double double from In-n-out right now and still have room for a shake. Maybe that’s what I’ll do…

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