Week 5, Day 2: 4 miles

I was anxious all day thinking about today’s run. Tons of doubt in my mind: What if I’m at square one for missing one week? What if Knee Recovery Week was a bust and I have not improved? What if it’s too hot to run after work? Well, I’d say about half of the doubts were dispelled after my run.

Yes, I did feel a little more winded than usual (+30sec/mile).

No, Knee Recovery Week was not a bust. Although I’m sad to say that after mile 3, I experienced knee and groin discomfort.

No, it is not yet hot enough to not be able to run at 6pm in sunny Southern California. While it is hotter than it was, it’s nowhere near as hot as it gets. This means I can get in an hour of extra sleep in the morning.

It felt good to be back on the trail. Although I did have a flare up of my knees, it was nowhere near as bad as it was a few weeks prior. I’m almost sure the groin discomfort is just soreness from the lunges I did yesterday.

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