Week 3, Day 2: 3.5 miles

I was running against time today. I had to meet my family at 6:30 for dinner so I rushed my run. I did not keep track of my pace, I only looked at my watch to keep track of how much time I had left to be able to clean up and drive to the meeting stop. It felt good to run at a brisker pace than usual. It was challenging but not strenuous.

I was surprised to find that my pace was 10:23min/mi. My pace is usually a snail like 11:30min/mile. Even more surprising was the fact that my knee felt completely fine until the last half mile. And even when I felt some discomfort, it was light.

Overall it was a great run. I met with my family just as I started to really feel the post run hunger and I very much enjoyed a giant burrito.

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