Knee troubles

It’s been a while since I posted. I have been busy with work. When I get home I feel to mentally tired to write. Not to worry, I have continued with the training although part of the original enthusiasm is fading away. In my last post I mentioned that my knee was flaring up. Unfortunately, it has not improved. While it is not as bad as it was a two years ago, I’m still very much concerned.

Two years ago I started training for a Fourth of July 5k. I was overzealous in my training and it led to aggravating an old knee injury to the point where I had to walk the race. It started out with tenderness during the runs and I continued to run through the pain. Eventually, my knee was always in pain. After two months of physical therapy, I felt better but I stayed off running for the rest of the year.

Since then, a combination of strength training (thank you, based squats), slow runs, and low mileage has kept my knee feeling healthy. So when I started feeling pain on week 2 of the training plan, I grew very concerned. I repeated week 2 of the plan to delay the 5 mile run. I will start week 3 tomorrow, the pain has gotten a bit better.

I refuse to give up!

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