Week 1, Day 1: Stretch & Strengthen

First day of training! I am still in the process of figuring out what Stretch & Strengthen really means. In particular, I have to decide whether or not to continue 5x5 at a reduced frequency. I have decided to defer on this decision for the first week since I skipped a week and half of 5x5 last week due to a bad cold. Instead of hitting the squat rack, I opted to try out a bodyweight routine.

Hamstring and hip flexibility and mobility are two areas I want to focus on during my training. My hamstrings are tight and my hips are stiff. I used to think it was fine until I my right hip gave me trouble while skiing.

While lurking on r/running, I came across the Myrtl Routine. The Myrtl Routine is a set of 12 exercises that aim to improve hip mobility. I watched the video on Youtube and decided to do it twice for my first day of training. Doing the routine twice made it a bit more challenging. I learned two things: my left leg is a lot less coordinated than my right, and my glutes could use some more work.

My workout was as follows:

  • 10 minutes on the stationary bike
  • Hamstring, calf, hip flexor and piriformis stretching.
  • Myrtl Routine (x2)
  • Dead bugs (3x10 each side)
  • Incline pushups (3x8)
  • Bodyweight pause squats (3x10)

It was not a killer workout, but I think it was a nice re-introduction to working out after my brief hiatus.

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