2019 mid year check in

I can’t believe half of 2019 has passed by already. It has been a learning year for me so far with lots of good progress. At the beginning of the year, I added a (2019 goals)[] page to the site which included a June goals page. In that page I said I would visit the year goals in June and assess my progress. This is that assessment.

Couch to 5k complete

This Monday, I completed the last workout of Couch to 5k. I’ve been running at such a slow pace that the actual run was 2.4 miles long. Regardless, I can check off “Complete Couch to 5k” off the June goals list! This is the first milestone in what I hope will be a good running year.

Hello world! (again)

It’s been a year since I had surgery to repair a fractured ankle. I’m still alive and I still want to maintain this blog. I know that I made no effort to maintain this blog while I was recovering. My feeble excuse is that I did not feel like it. I do want to write more though. I find it therapeutic to write about accomplishments and failures.


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